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Nesmuk Exclusive Folder 66 layers

  • blade of 89 mm hand forged Damascus, 66 layers, 61 – 62 HRC, wedge cut, NPC coating
  • Clamp made of stainless-steel high gloss polished.
  • Including leather case and high-quality piano lacquer box.
  • You will receive a certificate of authenticity for this knife.
  • Please note that your ordered knife might differ from the product photo. Each knife is unique and is made for you personally.

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  • 16 Piano lacquer black
    17 Piano lacquer white
    18 Piano lacquer pink
    19 Orange piano lacquer
    20 olive wood
    21 Black curly birch
    22 Bog oak
    23 desert ironwood
    24 White ebony
    25 silver hammer blow
    26 tiger journeys
    27 lapis lazuli
    28 black jade




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Nesmuk Exclusive Folder 66 layers

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Masterpiece of the damascene and goldsmiths

Unmistakable aesthetics and precision at a high level: this Damascus folder is forged by hand with great effort and consists of 66 layers of two different types of steel. The twisting process creates the unique damascene pattern (torsion damask). The construction of the exclusive folders is very well thought out and requires the highest precision work from the master blacksmith. This work is carried out exclusively by trained goldsmiths who have the necessary sensitivity for handling the costly materials.

Experience and passion

The elegant pattern of the damask steel is only created by the equally force- and time-consuming torsional processes. Only through a lot of experience and the great passion of a master blacksmith can they create an even and aesthetic pattern – just like a signature of the master blacksmith makes the damask pattern of each Exclusive Folder unique.

Perfection in every detail

The creation of this Exclusive Folders does not allow any tolerances due to its unique construction. The individual parts adapt to a hundredth of a millimeter. Not only the blade of the Exklusiv Folders but also the spring is made of hand forged Damascus steel. Each Exklusiv Folder gets its unique pattern and makes it a real unicum.

Safe handling

The Nesmuk Folder with a blade length of 89mm is positioned and held by a back spring which acts on the blade with a force of 6 Newton. For safety reasons, the mechanism has been equipped with a stop at 90 degrees for opening and closing.

Hand flatterer

The sophisticated construction created by Nesmuk is hidden inside. With no gap and no visible rivets or screws on the outside, this Nesmuk folder cannot be compared with conventional folding knives.

It is a feast for the eyes, no gaps to be seen and no disturbing edges to be felt in the hand. A masterpiece of craftsmanship by the smiths of Nesmuk. The individual parts are precisely matched with an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter. The Nesmuk folders come with sterling silver and genuine gemstones as standard. Particularly when working with lapis lazuli and other precious stones, the highest demands are placed on the master smiths, which go beyond the skills of the goldsmiths. Finally, each Nesmuk folder is given its cut and the final hammer blows. This makes each Nesmuk folder a hand flatterer that is second to none.

Handle materials

The result of a long-term development of the solid Nesmuk handle is the unique ergonomics that guarantee fatigue-free cutting. Thus the handle has both aesthetics and practicality. When selecting woods, Nesmuk pays particular attention to hand-picked woods of exquisite quality and certified origin.

When the handles are made from wood that has grown naturally, each knife receives its unique look such as pattern, grain, color shades and bullet holes and is therefore each unique. Furthermore, the selection of handles is being expanded with Juma and Micarta, two high-tech plastics.

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