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Nesmuk Exclusive C90 Chef's knife 180

  • Blade of 180 mm hand forged wild Damascus, 210 layers, 61 – 62 HRC, one side hollow ground, NPC coating
  • Clamp made of stainless-steel high gloss polished.
  • The accessories consist of a high-quality matt black box.
  • You will receive a certificate of authenticity for this knife.
  • Please note that your ordered knife might differ from the product photo. Each knife is unique and is made for you personally.


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  • 01 Grenadill
    02 Cocobolo
    03 Eucalyptus burl
    04 Juma Ivory
    05 Juma Black
    06 Karelian birch
    07 Makassar ebony
    08 Micarta green
    09 Micarta red
    10 Micarta black
    11 Bog Oak
    12 Olive wood
    13 Bahia rosewood
    14 Walnut burl
    15 Zebrano




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Nesmuk Exclusive C90 Chef's knife 180

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The lightest damask knife from Nesmuk

The Nesmuk Exclusive series captivates through the origin and consistency of the craftsmanship of a master cutler. This gives every Nesmuk Exclusive knife a soul. It requires more than four dozen work steps from forging, hardening, tempering and grinding hollow grinding to assembling a Nesmuk Exclusive knife – these are the masterpieces created at the Nesmuk manufactory. 210 layers are forged with hollow grinding on one side, which ensures that the blade has reduced adhesion of the cutting material. With a weight of approx. 130g, depending on the handle material, the Exclusive C90 Chef’s Knife is the lightest in its series.

A blade length of 180mm makes this knife an all-rounder for kitchen work. The carbon content is 0.9%.

Exclusive coating technology

Damascus steel is resistant but also has its weaknesses. Environmental influences. Food particles or moisture can corrode the blade. At Nesmuk, we do not want to accept this and have therefore invested years of development to achieve a protective system for the steel. This has resulted in the NPC. NPC stands for Nesmuk Protective Coating – an innovative and globally unique process that protects Damascus steel against corrosion. You can think of it as a second skin, which is applied to the carbon steel as a silicon layer using plasma technology with a thickness of only a few micrometers. Thus, the Damascus blade is preserved for life and protected against rust.

Craftsmanship in perfection

It requires hours or even days of concentration to forge the Damascus steel and create a superior blade. Finally, the famous pattern of Damascus steel appears – a handcrafted art of forging that only a few master blacksmiths in the world have mastered to perfection.

Perfection from a master hand

The fine blade is also visible in the middle of the up to 3 mm thick blade back. After a final inspection of each Exclusive Knife, the demand for flawless perfection must be satisfied in order to finally obtain the archaic bat symbol as a sign of goodness and authenticity.

Handle materials

The result of a long-term development of the solid Nesmuk handle is the unique ergonomics that guarantee fatigue-free cutting. Thus the handle has both aesthetics and practicality. When selecting woods, Nesmuk pays particular attention to hand-picked woods of exquisite quality and certified origin.

When the handles are made from wood that has grown naturally, each knife receives its unique look such as pattern, grain, color shades and bullet holes and is therefore each unique. Furthermore, the selection of handles is being expanded with Juma and Micarta, two high-tech plastics.

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