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Nesmuk Soul knives

Nesmuk Soul knives special steel alloy

The smithy Nesmuk has launched several series on the market, one particularly popular series being the Nesmuk Soul knives. The Soul series not only has a fine wooden handle but is also impressive in every respect.

Nesmuk has chosen a unique steel alloy for the Soul series. The combination with the unique alloy results in a knife which offers the highest level of comfort. In addition, the alloy of the steel consists of the rare element niobium. But that’s not all, the knife is also extremely sharp and is characterized by its stability. These are the essential characteristics that make the Soul knives stand out.

Nesmuk Soul kniVeS stands for the highest standards

Choose this series and get a solution that is much more than just 0815. The knives are true craftsmanship and the result of filigree, almost perfectionist work.

The Nesmuk company clearly stands out from the crowd and has produced knives with excellent cutting properties.

Accordingly, with the Soul series you get a solution that is ideal for cooks and kitchens with an innovative mindset. When you choose knives from the Soul collection, you get unique quality and a knife that will make your work much easier.

The blades have unrivalled sharpness under the same conditions

Nesmuk Soul knives are made to a high standard of workmanship and have first-class cutting properties thanks to the element niobium contained in the steel alloy.

In addition, the precision craftsmanship and the thin blades ensure an easy-to-use knife.

The blade is hollow ground on one side, making the knife about 30 grams lighter. Consequently, this technique makes the knives the lightest and sharpest in the world.

Choose the Soul series and you will receive kitchen-proof tools that will give you pleasure and make working in the kitchen much easier.

Nesmuk Soul knives

are one of the lightest and sharpest chef's knives in the world.

Thanks to the element niobium contained in the unique steel alloy, this series enables extreme sharpness and excellent cutting-edge retention, which cannot be achieved with ordinary stainless steel grades.

Nesmuk Soul Series

Soul chef´s knife 180

From: 390,- €

Soul chef´s knife 140

From: 375,- €

Soul bread knife

From: 490,- €

Soul Slicer 260

From: 390,- €

Soul Slicer 160

From: 365,- €

Soul Office 90

From: 325,- €

Soul steak knife per Set

From: 490,- €

Soul Folder 89

From: 490,- €