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Nesmuk philosophy


Those who choose the trendy Nesmuk knives will receive solutions of the highest quality. In the kitchen, the motto of many top chefs is: “Every food deserves respect”. The same is true of knives, which is why the best makers support this view.


The knives are characterized by many features and correspond to the philosophy of combining handcrafted design and modern technology. In the exquisite forge in Germany, the makers make sure that the knives are manufactured in an innovative way.

According to the motto “Perfectionistically manufactured in Germany, the products from Nesmuk are made for eternity.

The high standards of Nesmuk

The smiths always pursue the uncompromising claim to produce flawless hand tools. With sufficient time and the highest standards, Nesmuk is one of the leading brands.

The result of this way of thinking are knives that are forged by master craftsmen and meet the highest standards. All over the world, Nesmuk knives are considered to be both particularly light and sharp. It is not for nothing that they are the only damask knives in the world made of pure carbon steel.

Every food deserves respect - top chefs around the world support this attitude.

Nesmuk Philosophie mit

Ludwig Maurer
STOI und Meating Point

Nesmuk Philosophie mit

Yoshizumi Nagaya, Nagaya
1 Michelin Stern

Good cooks have respect for food.

They have the necessary respect and work with the greatest care and dedication. Nesmuk shares and supports this attitude. This is reflected in their own demands on the quality of Nesmuk products – with the aim of giving cooks the best possible support in their work.

Nesmuk Philosophie mit Hubertus Tzschirner

Hubertus Tzschirner

Nesmuk Philosophie mit Hubertus Tzschirner

Anthony Sarpong, Anthony´s
1 Michelin Stern