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Nesmuk knives from Solingen are hand-forged
according to old tradition

Nesmuk knives are manufactured in Solingen, Germany

Learn more about Nesmuk knives and their special features. The knife is one of the oldest and most important tools in the world. Over time, it has developed into an indispensable tool and is considered an important cultural symbol. Over the decades, however, the knife has developed steadily and so there were more and more craftsmen’s workshops that optimized the knife. A leading manufacturer of knives is Nesmuk. The company, which is based in Solingen, Germany, has set itself the task of manufacturing knives of the highest quality.

The emphasis is on the guiding principles of form and function and on preserving tradition, while not forgoing innovative techniques. Thus, among other things, the probably lightest and sharpest knife in the world was born. On the following pages you will learn about the production and its secrets.

Nesmuk knives are made by the hands of goldsmiths

However, the challenge within craftsmanship is not only the quality, because many other characteristics create trust and transform this cultural symbol into a versatile product.
Nesmuk knives meet the challenges of today’s world and are made by exquisite goldsmiths.

The goldsmiths complete a prior training course, work filigree and implement the precise requirements perfectly.

Nesmuk offers and divides its knives into 3 collections. The differences between the collections lie in the steel processing. Each collection is unique.

Whether an alloy with the rare element niobium, refinement with the high-quality DLC technology or forged with Damascus steel. Find the right knife for you.

Nesmuk knives collection

Nesmuk Soul Series

Extremely sharp, extremely stable. The special alloy of the rare element niobium gives the knife its special claim. The blade fulfills every requirement. Experience timeless functionality.


Learn more about the Nesmuk Soul series

Nesmuk Janus Series

The black blade is the trademark of the Janus series. The special refinement of the high-quality DLC technology makes the Nesmuk Janus series a symbol of the highest quality.


Learn more about the Nesmuk Janus series

Nesmuk Exklusiv Series

The hand-forged knives of the Exklusiv series with Damascus steel and the innovative NPC coating technology are unique. A combination that is unmatched by the blade.


Learn more about the Nesmuk Janus series

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