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Nesmuk Janus knives

Nesmuk Janus - The black blade

Another series from Nesmuk and a grandiose result of filigree work – we are talking about the knives in the Janus series. The products look visually unique and will make even the envious fade away. In addition, they are unmistakable and are mainly characterized by the black blade. This is a symbiosis of functionality paired with quality at the highest level.

Not to forget the black DLC coating ensures that the knives are scratch-resistant and look like new even after some time. The Diamond-Like-Carbon technology ensures that there is a harmonious interplay of design, functionality and finishing.

Nemuk Janus distinctive blade

When you choose the Janus knives from Nesmuk, you can look forward to more than just DLC technology. The Nesmuk smithy has another important argument to offer – the special coating.

This ensures that the knife is manufactured to withstand the highest demands and fully expresses its functional features.

The thin carbon layer has only a few micrometers, but still ensures that you can use the knife without any problems even after years.

This layer also ensures that the Janus series is resistant to high temperatures, bases or acids.

Nesmuk Janus knife and its advantages

Als wären das nicht schon genügend Vorteile, wissen die Messer der Serie Janus mit weiteren Annehmlichkeiten zu überzeugen. Damit gemeint sind die niedrigen Reibwerte, aber auch die enorme Kratzfestigkeit ist ein wichtiger Vorteil, der klar für die Serie Janus spricht.

Wenn Sie in der Küche die Messer Nesmuk Janus verwenden, dürfen Sie sich auf ein Werkzeug auf höchstem Niveau freuen.

Die Modelle entsprechen höchster Qualität und eignen sich für alldiejenigen Köche, die anspruchsvolle Gerichte kochen möchten.

Wenn Sie also nach handschmeichelnden Hilfsmitteln für das Zubereiten exquisiter Speisen suchen, dürften Sie die Nesmuk Janus Messer mit Sicherheit begeistern.

is insensitive to acids, high temperatures and is extremely scratch-resistant.

The coating technology was developed for the highest demands and is used, for example, in space travel and Formula 1 engines. The only few micrometers thick, but extremely hard (2,300 Vickers) carbon coating makes the knife insensitive and durable.

Nesmuk Janus Messer
Nesmuk Janus Messer

Nesmuk Janus series

Janus chef´s knife 180

From: 490,- €

Nesmuk Janus Kochmesser

Janus chef´s knife 140

From: 475,- €

Nesmuk Janus Messer

Janus bread knife 270

From: 590,- €

Janus Slicer 260

From: 490,- €

Janus Slicer 160

From: 465,- €

Janus Office 90

From: 425,- €

Janus steak knife per Set

From: 590,- €

Nesmuk Janus Folder

Janus Folder 89

From: 690,- €