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Nesmuk Exklusiv knives

Nesmuk Exklusiv combines traditional forging technology with innovation

Looking for knives that not only inspire in quality? Then the knives from the Exklusiv series are exactly the right choice. If you love Janus knives or are looking for an alternative, a look at the Exklusiv series is not a bad choice. The top-quality production of the Nesmuk forging technology inspires from many different angles. The Nesmuk Exklusiv collection, for example, is impressive not only because of its flawless design, but also because of its unique quality.

Those responsible for the series Exklusiv have opted for a harmonious interplay of innovative technologies and functionality. Accordingly, this collection is based on high-quality carbon steels, enabling you to achieve unsurpassable cutting performance and perfect results.

Nesmuk exklusiv series are Damascus blades protected with NPC - Nesmuk Protective Coating

If you opt for the Nesmuk Exklusiv series, you will receive knives of the highest quality. The blades are made of Damascus steel and as a result remain at an almost unmistakable level even after repeated use.

By using the NPC coating, the knives get a visually appealing design and are also corrosion resistant for years. Gone are the days when you had to change your equipment frequently.

Within the series you can choose from different knives. The Exklusiv Collection allows you to cut without any problems. Rather, it is a playful lightness which distinguishes the knives.

Nesmuk Exklusiv knives stands for perfect craftsmanship

When you order knives from the Nesmuk Exklusiv Collection, you are not only getting a functionally versatile solution, but also a forging art in perfection. These models are the best choice for chefs with high standards.

The unique Damascus pattern makes each knife unique, which is why only excellent goldsmiths work and finish it.

Make your everyday life easier and be inspired by the faceted blade. Accordingly, it has hollow grinding on both sides and minimizes sticking to the material to be cut.

No more problems when cutting, but highest quality and perfect results – consequently the motto of this Exklusiv series stands out.

Damascus and goldsmiths manufacture a flawless and unique knife by hand in up to 60 working steps.

Nesmuk manufactures knives from the EXCLUSIVE collection in three versions – C90, C100 and C150 – which are distinguished primarily by the number of forged layers of damask steel and the carbon content of the alloy – carbon is a decisive factor in the maximum achievable sharpness and edge retention.

Nesmuk Exklusiv series

Exklusiv C150 che´s knife 180

From: 4980,- €

Exklusiv C150 Slicer 160

From: 3980,- €

Exklusiv C100 chef`s knife 180

From: 1980,- €

Exklusiv C100 Slicer 160

From: 1790,- €

Exklusiv C90 chef´s knife 180

From: 1290,- €

Exklusiv C90 Slicer 160

From: 1090,- €

Exklusiv Folder 66 layers

From: 1890,- €

Exklusiv Folder 11 layers

From: 1190,- €